The Benefits of Premium Economy

Mon, 22 Jul 2019

Premium Economy is becoming increasingly popular with both passengers and airlines alike, with Qantas adding more premium economy seats to their planes to fill the demand and with so many benefits to flying premium economy it is easy to see why. While every airline is different, each has made sure that when you fly in premium economy that you get an economy plus product. Here's our overview of the benefits of flying premium economy.

At the airport

With most airlines, the premium service starts as soon as you arrive at the airport. Premium Economy passengers have access to separate check-in desks, more baggage allowance and priority boarding, making the start of your journey as smooth as possible. This can save valuable time when moving through the airport especially when travelling on the bigger A380s.

British Airways Priority Check-in

The Cabin

One of the best features about premium economy is the smaller cabin size, smaller than both business and economy classes. With an average of around 30 seats per flight (Qantas flights have 28-36 depending on the aircraft, Air New Zealand have 21-40, and BA have 30-50) the cabins are spacious and quiet with most having a 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 configuration with ample storage space around the seat. Unfortunately, due to the smaller cabin size, the seats generally sell out quickly so you have to get in quick. (click here to view our tips for getting a Premium Economy Sale Fare) Premium economy cabins also have a dedicated flight staff, ready on hand to assist you with anything you need.

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Cabin


Wider premium economy seats feature a greater recline than in economy, while foot and leg rests make it even easier to relax and get comfortable on your flight. The seats are just as spacious as they are comfortable with a generous average 38 inches of legroom there is more room to stretch your legs. The premium economy footrest varies between airlines, with the Cathay Pacific seat and calf rest being one of the best, to take a closer look inside the Cathay Pacific Premium Economy cabin here. 

Cathay Pacific Premium Economy Seat


When you travel in premium economy you don’t need to worry about fitting your key carry on items into the seat back pocket. With more storage options in both armrest (depending on the airline) and the seat back, your book, small device or other items are all within easy reach. 

Cathay Pacific armrest storage


Along with a huge variety of entertainment options available on personal screens, passengers travelling in premium economy get to enjoy their entertainment in peace and quiet thanks to with most airlines offering noise-reducing headphones for use during the flight. If you would prefer to use your own device you don’t need to worry about the battery running flat with both USB and AC charging points below or next to your seat as standard in most premium economy cabins, so you never miss a thing. For a closer look at the Singapore Airlines Premium Economy cabin click here.

Headphones provide in Premium Economy with Virgin Australia 

Amenity kit

To make your flight more comfortable, most airlines provide premium economy passengers a complimentary amenity kit filled with all of the essential items that you'll need during the flight. The items in the kits can contain an eye mask, socks, pen, and depending on the airline skin care products may also be included. British Airways recently upgraded their amenity kit find out more here.

New British Airways Amenity Kit


While the dining experience varies from airline to airline it is definitely an elevated experience from economy with usually more choice in both the meals and beverages options available. When flying with Qantas you are treated to a welcome drink and snack shortly after take-off followed by your choice of meals from the menu. Similarly, Air New Zealand has a delicious selection of meals and a high-quality wine list to choose from. Click here for a closer look at the dining service in Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy.

Welcome drink on board Qantas Premium Economy

While Premium Economy may not have all of the bells and whistles of Business Class it is definitely an upgrade from Economy class with extra legroom, a better selection of meals, priority check-in, and wider more comfortable seats making it easy to see the appeal. To book you next premium economy flight contact our team of expert travel consultants to book today.

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