Why It's Important To Book Premium Economy Flights Early

Thu, 06 Jun 2019

Looking for premium economy flights and not finding availability for your dates? Due to small cabin sizes and the resulting limited availability, booking early is more important than ever when looking for premium economy airfares.

Premium economy cabins are much smaller than economy cabins, and even some business class cabins. With an average of around 30 seats per flight (Qantas flights have 28-36 premium economy seats depending on the aircraft, Air New Zealand have 21-40, and BA have 30-50 for example), these cabins sell out quicker than other cabin classes.

Qantas Premium Economy Cabin

When you then take into consideration that airlines generally release only 20-40% of seats for sale fares, the number of discount airfares available for each flight is reduced to only 6-12 seats! Comparatively, most aircraft have around 200 economy seats, meaning there 40-80 discount fares available per flight.

Our Tips For Getting a Premium Economy Sale Fare:

Plan ahead : Know when you want to travel, and keep an eye out for premium economy sales. Sign up to our emails, or follow us over on Facebook and Instagram to be the first notified when sales are released (plus we sometimes have exclusive fares and offers that you can’t get anywhere else).

Book early : Airlines release their fares around 11 months in advance, and the European Summer sale fares are usually released in September the year before. Be prepared to book that far in advance.

Book quickly : Once you see the flights you want, don’t hesitate. Keep in mind that most people travel in couples or as a family, 6-12 seats on the date you want to travel can get snapped up quickly!

Contact our Specialist Airfare Consultants : Our Airfare Consultants are on hand to help you. Our fares are the same as booking with the airlines direct, plus we have no credit card or booking fees. We’re experts at constructing complex airfares and finding availability so use our skills and experience to save you time and money.

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