Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy Review

Mon, 18 Sep 2023

We flew in Premium Economy Class on the Qantas Dreamliner from Hong Kong to Adelaide, Australia. Since Qantas debuted their Premium Economy cabins in their Dreamliner aircraft, we've had the opportunity to firsthand experience the much-touted revolutionary Premium Economy Class.

Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy Cabin Configuration

The configuration of the cabin is a 2-3-2 with window seats being the right configuration for 2 passengers travelling together. The entire Premium Economy cabin is of excellent size, with a total of 4 rows and 28 seats. This made the cabin feel more exclusive due to it's small size which was definitely a perk. The Premium Economy cabin is notably spacious, consisting of a total of four rows and accommodating 28 seats in its entirety. With a configuration that imparts an air of exclusivity to the cabin, owing to its intimate and compact dimensions—it is a distinct advantage that enhances the overall experience for passengers. Priority boarding was another perk that added to the feeling of exclusivity.

Qantas Premium Economy Cabin

Qantas Premium Economy Cabin

Qantas Premium Economy Cabin

Qantas Premium Economy Cabin

Qantas Premium Economy Seat Mood Lighting

Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy Seat Features

Flying in a Premium Economy Cabin typically offers additional seating features for passenger comfort. Some of the following benefits that were provided on this Qantas Dreamliner include:

  • A 13.3 inch entertainment screen 
  • A small shelf beneath the entertainment screen for the passengers' tablet/device. 2 storage pockets on the back of the seat for magazine, devices or other personal items
  • A foot rest lever
  • Two USB ports and a headphone jack
  • A power outlet

Qantas Premium Economy Seatback

Qantas Premium Economy Entertainment Screen

Qantas Premium Economy Additional Seatback Storage

The footrest release lever is located beneath the storage pockets. Many passengers have been perplexed by the infamous lever because the natural instinct is to push the footrest down with your foot (this will not work, and we might have been one of the aforementioned confused passengers). The lever releases the footrest, which can then be adjusted to various heights. The footrest has a one-of-a-kind foot cradle net that allows you to rest your calves on the padded section while dangling your feet in the net cradle. In theory, yes, it's a little more clumsy, with success appearing to depend on the height of the passenger. It is, however, a welcome addition that is far superior to a stationary footrest or no footrest at all. 

Qantas Premium Economy Footrest Lever

Qantas Premium Economy Footrest

Qantas Premium Economy Footrest Net Cradle

Qantas Premium Economy Legroom

The recline control, as well as a headphone jack and USB connection point, are located in the arm rest of your seat; a second USB connection point is located beneath the entertainment screen (convenient for charging devices while placed on the entertainment stand). The power points are located near the footrest.

With a 38-inch seat pitch, the seat provides adequate leg room.The pillow case, which is designed to hook onto the wings of the headrest, is one of the best (and simplest) improvements made by Qantas. To be honest, it's brilliant. With the pillow in place, you can still adjust the headrest wings to your liking without worrying about losing your pillow down the side of your seat after you fall asleep. We were also given a large warm blanket on this long-haul night flight. The seat was also equipped with soft 'mood lighting' embedded in the side of the headrest, which emits a pleasant soft light.

Qantas Premium Economy Seat Controls & USB Connection

Qantas Premium Economy Power Socket

Qantas Premium Economy pillow case, designed to attach to your headrest

Qantas Premium Economy Seat with pillow attached

Qantas Premium Economy Provided Blanket

Qantas Dreamliner Premium Economy Review: Amenity Kit

Qantas and Country Road have collaborated to provide a stylish amenity kit for premium economy passengers. A country road eye mask, socks, and a teeth cleaning kit are included in the kit.

You will also be given a pair of Qantas noise-cancelling headphones to use during your flight.

Qantas Premium Economy Country Road Amenity Kit

Qantas Premium Economy Country Road Amenity Kit

Qantas Premium Economy Noise Reducing Headphones

In summary, our flight ex Hong Kong to Adelaide, Australia in Qantas Premium Economy cabin was comfortable, well equipped, and overall an enjoyable experience. The only recommendation we can give Qantas is to provide an explanation or a more accessible way to use the foot rest! 

If you're looking to fly Premium Economy with Qantas or another airline, get in touch with one of our experience airfare specialists today.

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