Air New Zealand Dreamliner Premium Economy

Fri, 08 Mar 2019

We travelled to Auckland in premium economy onboard Air New Zealand's State of the art dreamliner. The premium economy cabin on this plane is quite small with just  21 seats, arranged in 3 rows in a 2-3-2 configuration. The small size of the cabin was a real positive, making the space feel very private. 

The premium economy cabin onboard Air New Zealand’s dreamliner.

We were seated in the window seats in the back row, which was great. The cabin is so small that there are no back row/having to wait for  service concerns and the toilets are on the economy side of the galley kitchen so not too close to be a concern. 

Premium Economy, Air New Zealand Dreamliner 

The premium economy seats are made of black leather and are extremely comfortable. Each seat has an extendable foot rest with full leg support and a decent recline. There is plenty of space between yourself and the seat in front. 

Premium Economy leg rest.

Plenty of space in Air New Zealand premium economy to enjoy a pre departure champagne.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy

You are provided noise cancelling headphones in premium economy and the inflight entertainment contains an extensive range of new release  and classic movies and TV shows. 

Air New Zealand inflight entertainment.

The State of the art dreamliner features the unique dimmable windows. The windows do not have shades and are instead dimmed at the touch of a button. A simple control at the bottom of the window allows you to select from 5 different dim levels. 

The dreamliner’s dimmable windows.

Premium Economy Inflight Dining

We departed Australia at midday and received the lunch menu consisting of a 3 course meal featuring lots of iconic New Zealand local ingredients. 

Air New Zealand Premium Economy Lunch Menu

To start with we were served an entree of cold Moroccan spiced chicken with coconut and harissa yogurt which was excellent and a nice refreshing start to the meal. 

Air new Zealand premium economy Lunch – Moroccan Chicken entree

The main meal consisted of a choice of braised beef, paprika chicken or smoked salmon. We chose the braised beef and the paprika chicken, both of which were packed with flavour. 

The beef was served with a creamy colcannon mash, rosemary carrots and green bean. 

Air New Zealand premium economy Lunch – Braised Beef Main

The paprika chicken main was served on a creamed cauliflower base with macadamias and topped with mustard pickle. 

Air New Zealand premium economy Lunch – Paprika Chicken Main

To finish the meal we were served a salted caramel cheesecake.

Air New Zealand Premium Economy Lunch – Salted Caramel Cheesecake

Air New Zealand pride themselves on using the finest New Zealand produce in their meals and this extends to their drinks service. The drinks service was excellent with a pre departure beverage offered (sparkling wine or orange juice) and the flight attendants regularly offering top ups and additional drinks. 

A 'Now Serving' section in your inflight entertainment system allows you to view the current selection of wines available onboard with a detailed blurb about them.

Air New Zealand, Now Serving.

Now serving, premium economy passengers can view information about the wine List via their entertainment screen.

Champagne & Cheesecake

All in all we thoroughly enjoyed flying on Air New Zealand premium economy. The seats were spacious and comfortable, the food was delicious, the wine List was high quality, and the service was exceptional. 

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