Emirates Premium Economy Review

Tue, 02 Jan 2024

We recently had the opportunity to experience Emirates Premium Economy onboard their Airbus A380 flying from Melbourne to Dubai. Being nominated in 2023 by Skytrax World Airline Awards for the best Premium Economy Airline Seat, we were excited to see if it lived up to the hype.  

Emirates Premium Economy Cabin 

Emirates Premium Economy Boarding Experience

Our Emirates Premium Economy flight began in Adelaide with a Qantas domestic transfer to get to Melbourne, our departure city. 

Being a Premium Economy passenger, we had priority check-in in Adelaide and were able to get our bags checked all the way through to Dubai. After landing in Melbourne, going through security in the general lanes, we were ready waiting by the gate for our 9:15 pm flight.

Unfortunately flying Premium Economy doesn’t grant you access to the lounges, however, you can purchase entrance at the door or be eligible through relevant high-status frequent flyer memberships with the appropriate airlines - *please refer to an airfare specialist regarding your booking for more details.

Boarding Emirates A380 Premium Economy Cabin was smooth and super quick due to being in the front lower deck of the plane, with Emirates Business Class and Emirates First Class being on the top deck. 

Emirates Premium Economy A380 Cabin Layout

With a 2-4-2 cabin configuration and 56 seats, only some of Emirates A380’s have a Premium Economy cabin. 

These cabins are situated on the lower deck of the double decker plane meaning that Premium Economy passengers are at the front of the plane allowing for a quick boarding and disembarking process. 

Our first initial thoughts were that the cabin definitely felt more spacious than your typical Economy class. Despite all Emirates Premium Economy cabins having fixed armrests, we found that the seat provided good depth and width, offering a comfortable environment for the journey.

The soft leather seats and signature Emirates wood panelling added a touch of luxury, elevating the overall ambience of the cabin. 

Emirates Premium Economy Cabin Seats

Emirates Premium Economy Bulkhead Seats

Emirates Premium Economy Seat

Emirates Premium Economy seats are equipped with an adjustable leg rest, calf rest and footrest, however a downside was that there was no footrest in the bulkhead. 

The layout, 2-4-2, offered ample seating options for couples and families but not as much for solo travellers. We would however recommend trying to try and book a left or right aisle seat up the front of the cabin as some seats are removed due to the stairwell taking staff up to the top deck.

Entertainment options onboard Emirates Premium Economy were extensive in comparison to Economy Class. Premium Economy was equipped with a large HD TV screen offering a wide array of movies and TV shows through the Ice entertainment system. 

Emirates Premium Economy Dining 

Our journey began with a warm welcoming of welcome drinks, mint and lemon tea or a variety of juices to choose from. We opted for the orange juice and found this set a pleasant tone for the flight ahead. 

We found that the service overall was pleasant but nothing over the top to make it memorable. Being a predominantly overnight flight, we were served a late dinner service shortly after take off as well as an early breakfast meal before arrival. 

We opted for the Chicken main, which was pretty standard to your typical aeroplane food. The chicken breast was served as one whole fillet rather than sliced which we found to be very annoying to cut up and eat on a plane. 

Emirates Premium Economy Chicken Main Dinner Meal

A highlight of our meals and beverages was that they were served on Royal Doulton chinaware and glassware which elevated the in-flight dining experience. 

Our breakfast meal was more enjoyable, the chia pudding a personal favourite. We had a full omelette, sausages, potatoes and some sauteed capsicums along with a side of fresh fruit, bread roll with jam spread and a glass of orange juice. 

Emirates Premium Economy Breakfast Meal Service

Emirates Premium Economy passengers also had access to some select vintage wines as well as champagne, which added a touch of elevated luxury to our in flight dining experience.

Emirates Premium Economy Summary 

Overall, our experience with Emirates Premium Economy aboard their A380 was positive. The extra space in the 2-4-2 cabin layout, provided for more comfortable seating. We enjoyed the entertainment options provided on board, however would like to see more adapters available rather than needing to share for every one between 2. 

While the service was pleasant, it didn’t particularly stand out. It was also disappointing to see that the bulkhead seats had no footrest which is important to note when booking your Emirates Premium Economy seats. 

Despite these drawbacks, Emirates Premium Economy offers a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience if you’re looking for that little upgrade from Economy class. To book your next Premium Economy journey, get in touch with an airfare specialist today or view our latest airfare deals here. 

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